Thursday, March 18, 2010

Initial Assembly

Assembled the base frame last night. The PVC ends seem to be more than up to the task, and everything squared up nicely.

I am playing with square rails on the bottom axis. It should allow for floating trays, and when I have a functional printer I will upgrade to a rack and pinion configuration. My goal is to produce a repstrap that has removable trays that can be fed into and out of the machine automatically.

Auto feed trays open many possible avenues for production. Secondary machines can be added to perform subsequent steps in manufacturing as we produce more complicated designs. Simple examples would be a pick and place, or tray sorter.

This would allow for many different build surfaces quickly interchanged or longer rails clipped onto the ends to allow for longer build surfaces.

Thoughts? I am not very far along yet, so if anyone has concerns please raise them now.


  1. Wow, that is impressive. I really like the idea of having a rep-strap that is Mendel like and more of the parts can be reused as you print your real Mendel parts.

    I will follow your work closely.

  2. Do you have a regular blog/web site ??

  3. I'll be posting here more. I have not posted on a blog before, but I like the idea of sharing what I learn.

    I wish I could say I am an innovator, but many have been following a similar path, and are replicating the Mendel much more faithfully.

    I only have a box of hand-tools (and a cordless drill) which makes detail reproduction harder, so just think of my RepStrap as being in the spirit of Mendel.

    also check out these blogs since they inspired my design:

  4. Effective and low cost. Are very much desirable properties in a repstrap.

    Whilst I very much admire the skills and craftwork that have been going into some of the other variants your own contribution very much scores points for lowering cost through reuse and reduced skills costs.

    It would be great to see a repstrap that was every bit as simple as the McWire but more of the parts could be re-used.

  5. i never thought about using pvc pipe like that kinda makes me wish i thought about using that idea, i like it allot, i am glad to see people trying new things.

  6. Cool idea using plastic blocks with PVC tube, I initially used plastic blocks and plastic cutting board for my Darwin's.
    My Mendel and mini Mendel's use plastic blocks and MDF as MDF is easier to cut drill and finish with paint compared to the plastic cutting boards.

  7. I have MDF for the rest of it, but I was unhappy with the MDF corners I made. 30-45min to make 6 PVC ends was quite reasonable to me.