Friday, April 2, 2010

Soluble Thermo Polymers

Doing a little reading on and one of the posts describes the polymers using to hold silicon wafers during milling.

Crystal Bond

Typical Applications:
  • Machining advanced ceramics.
  • Lapping and polishing optical components.
  • Dicing ceramic substrates and semiconductor wafers.
  • Dicing ferrites, glasses and piezoelectrics.
  • Dicing metal and optical single crystals.
  • Mounting cross-sections for electron microscopy.
  • Backfilling components for temporary mechanical support.

A couple interesting things about this:
-different material solvents (acetone, water, methanol)
-low softening point should allow for other plastics to adhere to the prior layers.

i think this may be useful for printing rafts or even as a support material assuming there is no significant shrinkage as it cools.

Any opinions before I purchase a stick?